Do you have a 'go-for-it' attitude?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stuart Fleming does! Businessman Stuart has taken a break from work and right now is somewhere along the Te Aroroa pathway. That's the 3,000km walking track that stretches from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. He's fulfilling a long-time ambition to walk the trail and using the opportunity to raise awareness for Scouts - Stuart's a senior volunteer for the national youth organisation.

The trek will take him around five months but Stuart's not daunted. Despite early problems with blisters and sore legs, he is sure his 'give-it-a-go' attitude will help him through.

"Seeing the good in things - and people - comes naturally and I enjoy making the most of every opportunity that comes my way. I have the energy and the mind-set to take on new challenges. I'm not easily fazed. I nearly always find a way around a problem. This helps me live my life to the full," he says.

And it spills into Stuart's business ventures too. He's the man behind Money Mindset Mob, the programme that helps teenagers get their heads around money issues, he's also a Personal Coach and Professional Speaker.

Over the years, Stuart has discovered that he can have an effect on people. He says he doesn't have all the answers, but he does have a sense of curiosity which can help inspire others, develop their 'can-do' outlook and move them to achieving things they never thought possible.

Over the coming weeks we learn more about being up-beat and positive from Holly Cartmell, owner of So You Hairdressing and Campbell Brown, marketing manager of direct deal site GrabOne.

Being positive at work will pay off

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Research shows that people with a positive mental attitude are more likely to reach their goals in life and in business than those who are caught up in a negative thought pattern.

So, a rough night, a false start and a furrowed brow as you walk into the office in the morning won't do you or your colleagues any good. You, and those around you, will feel much better and enjoy work more if you leave personal issues at the door.

Remember, attitudes are infectious. We are naturally drawn to those that are up-beat and happy and instinct tells us to shy away from people with grumpy auras.

Attitudes create atmospheres and the best, most efficient, atmosphere for success is a positive one.

Having the right attitude can:

Help your team work better together - your attitude will determine how people react to you and operate around you. Your vibe will either pull everyone together or send them scurrying in all directions.

Keep your staff motivated - if you're in charge, your staff will follow your lead. Set the tone. Be up-beat. Say 'good morning'. Praise good work. Say 'thank you'.

Keep your customers happy and your business thriving - your customers will respond to you in the same way that you treat them. If you show that you care, they'll keep coming back.

Enhance your work efficiency - everyone works better when they feel good, a happy worker is a good worker.

Boost your energy levels - if you feel down, your body will be down. Put your shoulders back, keep your head up and smile. Can you feel the difference now?

Reduce your stress - we can all handle stress a little better if we can get our heads around what's going on and work out a plan.

Help your chances of promotion - being positive will give you the confidence to aim high, and it'll impress others.

Help you achieve the results you want - the sky's the limit. Go for it!

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Money isn’t everything…

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

…but if you’ve got the right attitude and a good financial plan in place it will help you achieve the kind of life and business you want. So says Joan Baker (pictured to the right) - experienced wealth coach, author of eight ‘how to’ business titles and founder/director of Queenstown-based, financial coaching company Wealth Coaches.

Joan’s job is to remind people that whatever their situation they simply can’t ignore money. “As a business owner, you have a responsibility to tackle your finances head-on. If your business is profitable, work out how you can keep that going. If it’s not making any money, you have to figure out why and analyse whether there is potential there – or whether you’re better to cut your losses and move on,” she says.

According to Joan, a business has to earn its keep. Most people start a business so they can retire early or create a work-life balance. This kind of financial freedom can only be achieved if a business is paying for itself.

Five steps to financial freedom
  • Get yourself in the right frame of mind – a positive mental attitude will help you achieve your goals.
  • Be confident – money and accounts can be complex but there’s no unsolvable mystery here. Put your finances on the table - gather together all your information so you can go through it easily.
  • Talk it through - involve your business partner, talk to your accountant or employ a business mentor or coach.
  • Review your goals - check in regularly with how you are doing.
  • Measure where you are at against where you want to be.
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