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Monday, November 22, 2010

We would like to wish New Zealand Post customer, Stuart Fleming, the best of luck in his latest endeavour!

Stuart features as our Send a Card case study in the next issue of redline magazine (out at the end of this month). Through talking to Stuart we discovered that he is about to embark on a trek of Te Araroa ('the long pathway' of 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff). Stuart is fulfilling a 10 year dream and tells us that he's doing this to promote SCOUTS New Zealand, as the senior-most volunteer for the adventurous organisation.

The majority of Te Araroa is mountain tracks and off-road trails. Stuart will have periods of up to a week without supply points, carrying everything he needs along the way and sending some of his items from point to point using ParcelPost.

You can check out Stuart's route and blog to keep up with his journey - we certainly will! Good luck Stuart and we hope to speak to you on your Return.

It's great to get to know our customers better and support them. We are always keen to hear from you, so tell us a bit about yourself by commenting on this article. Plus, if you are keen to feature as a case study in redline let us know!

Redline magazine competition winners

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congratulations to our issue 9 competition winners, we hope you enjoy your prize!

Don't worry if you didn't win, we have some great competitions coming up in issue 10 of redline magazine and you can enter here at redline online. Issue 10 is due out at the end of this month so if you would like a copy in the post simply subscribe.

Good luck!

Are you still harbouring old technology?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In a previous issue of redline magazine we talked about navigating the new world of technology and we gave you some tips to help consider what is right for your business. We were certainly on your wave length because you sent through an abundance of messages telling us so!

We also told you about a customer that, until recently, was still using a typewriter to print consignment notes, before they were introduced to our RedClick online consignment tool. You couldn't believe that out of date technology was still finding a purpose in some businesses, but of course it is, take ASM (automatic stamping machine) franking technology for example.

Take a look around your office and see what you're holding on to and what’s holding you back; perhaps you're harbouring old technology that's in need of an upgrade. Keeping to what you know is good to a point but definitely explore opportunities if it will help your business operate more efficiently.

Old franking machines are still chugging away in some businesses despite being outdated and less smart than Digital Postage Meters (DPMs). But from 1 January 2011 this technology will be as obsolete as that typewriter, more so as New Zealand Post will no longer accept ASM franking as a payment method from you.

So go on, toss the franker and upgrade to a DPM (we've got some deals to help you part with it). You wouldn't swap your PC for a typewriter would you? A DPM may help you streamline your business, they are fast, efficient and are a great way to save time and control costs. Of course if you are not sure a DPM suits your needs or you are interested in other postage methods we'd love to discuss those with you too.

What technologies are you harbouring and why? Have you ditched something recently and found a great new alternative? Tell us.
As an independent business owner you may be involved in everything from sourcing an import agent to packing and sending box after box of your product. So where do you find the time to assess all of those marketing opportunities out there?

Two Wise Men, Steve O'Connor and Mark Robotham, talk to Stuff and have some advice to help you determine what to spend and where.

We have also been fortunate enough to chat to Wise Man Steve O'Connor, who has been on the forefront of growing businesses since the early 1990's, to talk about the nuts and bolts of independent business growth. You can read about it in the next issue of redline magazine (out at the end of November).

And if you need any help with imports or sending those boxes (internationally and within New Zealand), while you focus on your promotion plan, you can talk to us. We can talk to you about growing your business and targeting those customers too. Oh and it’s not Christmas yet, but it's not far away so have a quick look at the sending dates while you're here!