As an independent business owner you may be involved in everything from sourcing an import agent to packing and sending box after box of your product. So where do you find the time to assess all of those marketing opportunities out there?

Two Wise Men, Steve O'Connor and Mark Robotham, talk to Stuff and have some advice to help you determine what to spend and where.

We have also been fortunate enough to chat to Wise Man Steve O'Connor, who has been on the forefront of growing businesses since the early 1990's, to talk about the nuts and bolts of independent business growth. You can read about it in the next issue of redline magazine (out at the end of November).

And if you need any help with imports or sending those boxes (internationally and within New Zealand), while you focus on your promotion plan, you can talk to us. We can talk to you about growing your business and targeting those customers too. Oh and it’s not Christmas yet, but it's not far away so have a quick look at the sending dates while you're here!