Technology has certainly come a long way over the past two decades, which for some of us doesn’t seem that long ago. Over the years it has played a major role in our lives. It works for us to keep data stored securely, to process information efficiently, and to communicate more conveniently.

Each year I wonder what new technology will be created to make my working day supposedly easier, and how will that affect what I already do? So what are the predictions for technology this year?

Brian Hopkins, an Enterprise Architect Professional for Forrester Research – an American research company, believes that we have moved out of a phase where technology helped us achieve new levels of productivity and are now moving to a phase where technology will shape who we are – and he’s right.

Technological advances are impacting us in everything we do. Think about it, everywhere you go these days people are checking emails on their smart phones; tablets and laptops are an everyday accessory – you can pretty much do work anywhere, anytime - self service is becoming more prevalent and you can shop 24/7 online. Even schools are embracing these new gadgets with 21st century technology appearing on a number of school stationery lists. You can read more of Brian’s article here.

And for the smaller business, there are certainly some trends that will help define your future. A recent online article on the Entrepreneur website by Jonathan Blum talks about how iCloud is moving out of the personal space and is helping businesses share information with each other no matter where they are, and the addition of mobile apps allow you to print documents anywhere. You can even manage those last minute pick ups with the installation of fleet management tools and ‘Gumby screens’ gives a whole new meaning on flexibility. I guess in reality the future possibilities really are endless.

So what technological changes are you planning on introducing this year and how will these help your business succeed?
Many of us make New Year's resolutions and whether we keep them or not are sometimes neither here nor there. Every year I half heartedly commit to losing weight, exercising more and ensuring a better work life balance. Day 5 into work and already I have eaten my lunch at my desk every day. It was when I came across an article by Robyn Pearce (a Time Management consultant based in Auckland) who provided some realistic and easy to implement strategies to simply take some time for you that I became inspired to think I could actually do this!

Whether it be changing your mindset or actually planning some unselfish “me” time into your working week, it all helps to relieve stress and possibly better manage your workload and relationships.

Check out the article and when you’re done, tell us about the ways you manage to keep that holiday feeling alive once you get back to work.

PS For those still on holiday – well done to you for taking the extra break. I hope you manage to stay relaxed for a long time yet.