You’re an independent business owner, living and breathing the highs and lows of your market day to day. You are right in the action so you know what works and what doesn’t. You may have started out with one great idea, taken the opportunity to develop it and built your business on the back of it. You’re an entrepreneur.

So it won’t surprise you that some of the best ideas come from the people working closest to the problem. But have you considered that your staff might have the answer to a problem affecting your business?

We are encouraging creativity and entrepreneurialism in business, and as a supporter of the international GEW programme we are inviting you to Unleash! It.

Register on the Unleash! It website, take a moment to find out what you need to do and invite your staff to participate by 16 November.

Give your business and employees a boost – participators will be recognised.

Unleash! It today. Plus, tell us a bit about yourself, the birth of your business and your ideas for the future, here at redline™ online.
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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the Trade Me users page last month. Your comments were invaluable and we’ve made a bunch of changes as a result.

You said we should reduce the amount of New Zealand Post jargon and terminology we use, give real life examples of what items fit best in certain packages, and provide more guidance as to what sending options are best. You also said you didn’t know the page even existed!

As a result, we’ve added a Google gadget which allows you to get estimates on the cost of sending your parcels within New Zealand. We’ve also created a clearer path to buy online, track your items and added a collection of helpful links to help you locate packaging and addressing information.

Other feedback you gave us was around the cost of sending. Did you know you could be eligible for savings and discounts if you open a business account?

Lastly, you said that this page isn’t visible enough on our site. We agree and we are working on this.

Check out the changes on today. Feedback is still welcome as we are committed to continuing to improve the pages so they are more relevant to you.