Keep the momentum going

Monday, November 30, 2009

Here are some great tips to help you succeed this season.

Maintain the good business practices you’ve already put into place.
If you’ve put new systems in place lately (perhaps you’ve asked staff to amend address details when they contact customers or maybe you’ve stepped up a gear on giving great customer service), it’s now up to you to ensure that these continue to run smoothly.

You made changes for a reason so, don’t let it all go to waste.

Assess every aspect of your business.
It’s easy to focus on the parts of your business that cry out for your attention but try not to overlook all the other areas. Check you’re happy with how all of your business is operating.

Your business can only be successful if all the cogs are turning together.

Update your business plan and refresh your marketing.
Revisit your business plan and update it if necessary. It’s likely that today’s business environment is different from when you launched your company – it’s different from even six months ago!

And if you started without a business plan, it’s never too late to write one, you’ll find it invaluable.

Make sure you’re promoting your company to the right people. Take a look at how using addressed, direct mail can help you communicate more effectively with your customers. Don’t forget your website – is it working? And what about your sales literature – in need of an overhaul?

Review all your marketing activity, refresh, polish and buff as you go.

Talk to your customers and your staff regularly.
What your customers want today may not be what they want tomorrow. Keep up with changing attitudes and new trends. Stay in touch with your customers and ask them what they want.

Also, you need your staff and your staff needs you. Look after your team, talk to them and listen to them. Encourage feedback and work together to make your business successful.

Give your team a motivational boost, take them out, do something as a group and be sure to reward outstanding achievements and individual success.

Smarten up, first impressions count.
You may have pulled your business practices into line but how do you look? Ask yourself what first impressions your company radiates when customers walk in, ring or visit your website.

It’s maybe time to tidy up your offices, answer the telephone with a smile and improve your website.

Network like never before.
Get some stimulation from others – network. Join a business forum and go to all the relevant seminars and events you can. Talk to people and hand out those business cards.

Set time aside to give your business the TLC it needs.
If you think you’re too busy to give your business the on-going TLC it needs, set time aside. If you are heading into a quiet period, use this time wisely. Otherwise, draw up a task list and work through it whenever you get the chance.