Positive about what the New Year brings?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You have told us that 'redline is an inspiring business resource' and that it's 'great to read the positives in business after such an unusual string of events effecting businesses in the South Island' last year. Thanks to our readers for those upbeat comments.

We're busy working on issue 11 of redline magazine which is directly inspired by your feedback. We are focusing on the value of positive thinking in business which is why this article on 'The Benefits of Negative Thinking' took me aback!

Maybe it's because redline's optimistic but we agree with the like-minded professionals we've interviewed for the next issue. They've told us that their upbeat, go-get attitude makes things happen, energises themselves and their business. After all isn't that the Kiwi spirit?

The article concludes that in the workplace there is a place for positive and negative thinking with one not being superior to the other. So I ask you, are you a positive thinker in business or a negative thinker and how does your attitude help your business? Your comments could win a Prezzy Card and may even feature in our March magazine.

The redline team wishes you a very positive, Happy New Year. Wishing you a Miserable New Year doesn't have the same ring to it!