Have you ever had a great customer experience and couldn’t stop telling your friends or co-workers? Maybe it was the gourmet pizza you ordered Friday night after work, or when you noticed your neglected car had been given a little extra TLC for free during a service (true story – much needed windshield clean and polished tyres).

Well you are not alone as 80% of us Kiwis on average tell another 9 people about those experiences. (‘Feedback – an opportunity, not a threat’ by Debbie Mayo-Smith).

Earlier this month our new service Localist launched their television campaign for Auckland – my personal favourite being the ‘Localist Butcher Ad’ (make sure you check out Localist’s YouTube channel if you haven’t seen them already). The adverts highlight the power of creating an opportunity for your customers to rave about you online, especially to those who live on your doorstep!

The service is a combination of local books available at your local PostShop, a website, and a mobile application. Website and mobile users are able to write reviews on local products and services, and swap tips and advice with others. It’s all about sharing local knowledge and information.

Localist has launched in Auckland first, and there is no cost to register your business contact details. You can list your business for free online, upgrade to a business page, or call 0800 030 030 to discuss other advertising options such as the local books.