Keep your customers coming back. A satisfied customer who comes back again and again is one of the most vital assets of any smart business. You know yourself if a company’s products and services continue to meet your needs you will remain a customer. But needs change.

In a recession buying habits and decision making criteria alter. People become more cost-conscious and their main motivation for buying becomes ‘necessity’ rather than ‘luxury’ - even for the wealthy. They also go for ‘safe’, ‘low-risk’ options.

There’s a great marketing opportunity here:
  • analyse your sales figures, find out what’s selling and what’s not,
  • reposition your products and services as ‘necessary’,
  • offer ‘safe’ or ‘low risk’ options, and
  • promote the ’value’ and ‘affordability’ of your goods.

And if you contact your customers and ask them what they want you’re half way to bringing your business in line with the current financial climate.

Tomorrow: spend wisely but don’t stop investing in your company.

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