ParcelPost™ - have your say

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your feedback on our new Trade Me page was great, it helped us design a solution that met your needs. On the back of that success we would appreciate your feedback on this.

We have a number of ParcelPost™ Postage Included Bags for Standard Post™, FastPost™ and Tracked services. This results in 18 different products, so if you tend to stock up you have to purchase a lot of bags to cover all the possible sending options.

So we thought we might try and make it simpler for you but before we do we would like your feedback on this idea.

We are thinking of replacing the packaging for these separate products with one untracked Standard Post™ Postage Included Bag in various sizes, with an upgrade option. Then, if you have additional sending needs, all you need to do is upgrade your item to Tracked or FastPost™ by buying and applying a ticket to the bag. Simple.

It won't cost you any more than the current service, it's an extra 50c for a FastPost™ service or an additional $1.00 for a Tracked service. This comes with some added good news, the maximum weight limit across the entire product range would be increased to 3kgs!

Tell us what you think by commenting on this article. Tell us if it’s a 'good idea' or a 'bad idea' and your reasons why, we want you to be happy with the result. Thanks!