…says Holly Cartmell, owner of 'So You Hairdressing' in Wellington.

She says that if you’re starting a business you simply have to have the right attitude. You’ve got to believe in yourself 100% and believe in what you’re doing.

Holly had no doubts that her business would work even though it was a little daunting at first. She started her business four years ago because she wanted to be more than an employee.

“I have always had loads of energy and enthusiasm. I also have a sunny disposition. I knew I could use all this to develop a really successful business,” she says.

Holly regularly checks in with her visions of how the business should be. She says this keeps her on track as a business woman and also gives her the chance to make changes and avoid any pitfalls.

One of the best things that Holly did was employ an industry-specific business coach.

“I knew where I wanted to go with my business and what I wanted to do. The missing link was working out how to get there and that’s where my business coach fitted in.”

'So You' now has a client base that is growing year-on-year. Holly puts this down to the fact that the salon makes its customers feel like Kings and Queens from the moment they walk through the door.

And Holly and her team believe that another way to their customers’ hearts is via personalised, direct mail.

“Every week we send out beautifully hand-written, personally addressed postcards reminding our customers that their appointments are approaching. If we haven’t heard from a customer for a while, we send out a letter, together with a voucher for a treatment we think they’ll like.”

'So You' also sends out thank you cards, especially where a customer has recommended the salon to someone else.

“And, it works,” according to Holly. “By spending time writing to our customers, we get to build up a relationship with them, get to know them better and so get to keep them for a long time.”