Creative campaign wins new customers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creative direct mail (DM) ideas can help sales for big and small clients alike.

When advertising agency Y&R came up with an innovative DM idea to show that Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 was serious about security threats, they needed New Zealand Post’s help to make the campaign work.

Y&R asked if they could send a live virus in a Petri dish through the mail. Our initial reaction was one of caution until we investigated further and found that the virus was harmless (it came from cheese). We then developed a sticker saying so, letting our delivery team know that it was safe to handle.

As a result, 1200 IT Managers were sent the live virus through the post, generating a 170% response rate. Microsoft saw a 65% increase in sales and Y&R were recognised for their creativity.

Start to creatively think about how you can maximise sales with your next DM idea.