Successful websites need to offer good products at good prices and good customer service. This typically comes down to providing reasonable delivery times, charges and, importantly, a good returns policy.

“Reverse logistics can be a challenge for many internet businesses looking for a simple, cost-effective solution for customers to return parcels if they need to,” says Michael Stewart, Marketing Manager for New Zealand Post’s ParcelPost™ products.

ParcelPost™ Returns
“Some companies might be prepaying return postage whether an item is returned or not, but with our ParcelPost™ Returns service postage is only charged once an item has actually been returned.”

Michael also offers this advice to companies looking at different distribution options: “Avoid hidden charges for fuel and for Saturday and rural delivery. Find a supplier with fixed rates for urban and rural areas instead. Pay for what you need and what meets your and your customers’ needs – nothing more. You may be able to trade speed for price, if price is more important to your customers than speed. And always consider the option of posting goods.”