A good website can enhance a customer’s experience, whereas a website that is hard to navigate can be frustrating. How does your website measure up?

We asked David Kelly, Chief Executive of website design and e-business company Zeald.com, why do some websites succeed and others fail?

“The main difference between websites that work and those that don’t is the knowledge of the business owner or manager. If a website is failing, it is often because the owner or manager doesn’t understand the key fundamentals of a successful website. These are visitors - the number of people who visit your website and the conversion rate - the percentage of visitors that buy something from you or make an enquiry.”

“If you really want a website that generates amazing results, you need to understand the importance of the two ‘P’s of website success - promotion and persuasion.”

“The amount of people visiting your website is directly determined by your website promotion and the percentage of those that take action is directly determined by how persuasive your website is.”

“If your website ‘promotion’ is poor, then very few people will visit. If your website is not ‘persuasive’ then very few people will be persuaded to take action.”

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