Rowena Chin had never been into wearing jewellery, she’d never really given it any thought, until a health problem made her think about a new work direction and a job that didn’t require going to the office every day.

Even then, jewellery making wasn’t an obvious choice. It was only after a friend invited her along to a jewellery-making ‘taster’ course that the penny dropped.

“To my surprise, I absolutely loved it,” she says. “And I knew instantly that this was going to be my new direction. I did a crash course and away I went.”

Rowena started working from home, designing and making exquisite pieces of jewellery from freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals and telling friends, family and everyone else she knew about her business.

That was nearly seven years ago and Rowena is still working from home.

“It really suits me,” she says. “I have my work space at home and I have my office and then, if I’m doing an event, I can turn the living room into my own venue. I can set up how I like – and I don’t have to pay any hire fees.”

Around six times a year Rowena invites her clients to her house. She sets up shop and provides drinks and nibbles for her guests to enjoy.

“It’s a bit like having my own personal pop-up shop and all at my own convenience. And what makes it work is that people are now open to making purchases in places other than your typical a high street store.”

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