Online – essential for Discover Kids

Monday, August 15, 2011

When former editor of redline magazine, Louisa Picker, decided to start her own childcare business she knew she’d need to be visible online right from the word ‘go’.

Deciding on the location of her business was easy – she wanted to be at home with her own young son. So, registering with in-home childcare provider Porse and making her house child-friendly for several other young children to play, sleep and learn in proved the perfect option.

But before Louisa launched her new venture, Discover Kids, she made sure that she had her website at the ready, using Google sites to design it herself.

“Having a website was crucial for me,” says Louisa. “I know that the first thing I do when I come across a new company is check them out online. I think this is something that most people do. I didn’t want to start telling people about Discover Kids before I had some information out there.”

Louisa says her website gives her business:
  • credibility,
  • a personal touch,
  • a sense of warmth, friendliness and honesty – essentials for many parents checking out childcare providers for their young children.
It’s still early days for Louisa’s new business but within one month of setting up she was already at full capacity and now has a waiting list. So far, everyone who’s contacted her checked out her website first -

Next week we talk with home-based company RO Design Jewellery.
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