Get creative with QR codes

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If you thought barcodes were a great technological invention, then you need to read on… as something very innovative is going on in the world of product codes.

It’s here in the form of a QR code – a high-tech version of the barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone camera (such as an Android, Blackberry or iPhone). If the functionality isn’t already built into your smartphone, you’ll need to download a QR reader application.

Once scanned, the QR code reveals a whole heap of information about the business that has created it.

One little square of cleverly put together patterns can provide your customers with a link to your website, details of a free offer or an invitation to an event. The marketing possibilities are huge.

You can add one on every product on your website detailing everything that your customers need to know, including who to call to place an order. You can place QR codes on any of your marketing material – flyers, posters, magazines – you can even add one to your business card.

QR codes are really taking off – and we’re starting to use them too – as more and more businesses realise their value and how easy they are to create for free.

Several websites, such as will walk you through the steps, and suggest free QR code generators and readers to get you started.

Do you use QR codes in your business? Have you found examples of QR codes which have been particularly effective? Keen to hear your comments.

Did you know …?
  • Barcodes were first used to label railroad cars…
  • They didn’t become commercially successful until they were used to automate supermarket checkout systems…
  • The very first scanning of a Universal Product Code or UPC (barcode) was on a packet of Wrigleys chewing gum over 35 years ago, in June 1974...